Aпdy Reid oп If Taylor Swift Was a Distractioп — ‘She Made the O-Liпe Homemade Pop Tarts’ - NEWS

Aпdy Reid oп If Taylor Swift Was a Distractioп — ‘She Made the O-Liпe Homemade Pop Tarts’

The Kansas City Chiefs etched their names in the NFL’s history books in 2023, winning Super Bowl 58 and becoming the next team to win back-to-back Super Bowl titles. While the team itself was a major storyline, Taylor Swift stole the show.

Swift was viewed as a distraction on the outside looking in by some, but it didn’t seem to impact the team’s success negatively at all. How did head coach Andy Reid view her involvement?

Andy Reid Speaks on Taylor Swift’s “Distraction”

Kelce’s relationship with Swift goes back to July 2023 when he failed to shoot his shot at her concert in Kansas City, so he took it to his podcast ‘New Heights’ with him and his brother, Jason Kelce. Shortly after that, the two started talking, and the rest is history.

Things really got crazy, however, when she started appearing at Chiefs games during the season. Her first game was on Sept. 24 against the Chicago Bears. After that, she appeared in a plethora of other games, including the Chiefs’ playoff games and ultimately the Super Bowl.

“I really didn’t worry about it; I knew her dad and her mom. Good, solid people. I’d met her when she was young,” Reid said on Pro Football Talk when asked if he was worried she’d be a distraction. “It was never an issue. Travis handled it great; she handled it great. It was never, it was never an issue.”

“She’s so grounded for who she is,” Reid said. “She might be the most famous woman in the world. She handles it great. I think it’s a great escape for her, where she sincerely enjoys the games.”

However, her appearances weren’t in just the booth. She had a little involvement with the team too. “Behind the scenes, to fit in … she likes to cook, so she made the offensive linemen these homemade pop tarts,” Reid said.

“It was over. She knew right where to go,” Reid added. “She didn’t give me one, and the offensive linemen definitely didn’t either.”

Kelce and Reid both saw speculation late in the year that they could retire following the year, with Kelce being 34 and Reid being 65. However, both want to run it back in 2024 and make an attempt at winning three Super Bowls in a row. If they are to complete that lofty goal, they would be the first-ever team to do it in NFL history.

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