Cardi B Confirms That Glorilla Is Her Cousin: 'WE'RE JUST TOO MUCH ALIKE' - NEWS

Cardi B Confirms That Glorilla Is Her Cousin: ‘WE’RE JUST TOO MUCH ALIKE’

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Over two years after GloRilla claimed to be Cardi B‘s cousin, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper is finally confirming that the rumors are indeed true! Sitting down for an interview on Big Boy’s Neighborhood, Cardi B explained how she and GloRilla are related.

“My grandfather, he used to like — I don’t like to put my family business out there — he used to push weight and everything and there was this one time that like he lived in Tennessee or whatever,” Cardi told Big Boy. “He really told my grandma that like he was dealing with somebody over there and then like he had like a kid out there and you know like, that’s GloRilla’s dad and everything.”

Cardi said she confirmed her familial relationship to GloRilla through 23 and Me, the popular DNA service, Vibe reported.

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“We just too much alike or something,” she said, adding that GloRilla gets her “jokes and everything.”

In 2022, GloRilla revealed her relationship to Cardi when she interviewed with NME. She also talked about how excited she was to collaborate with Cardi to produce their track, “Tomorrow 2,” at the time.

“I ain’t got a lot of friends, and I’m just easy to deal with. Cardi is my cousin. I was so happy and excited during the whole creative process,” GloRilla told NME. “Cardi is a really sweet soul and has such a genuine heart, and we come from a similar background, so it was easy to connect. And it was crazy when [‘Tomorrow 2’] hit the charts. I was like, ‘Ah! Ain’t nobody know about me a couple months ago!”

GloRilla’s career took off in 2022 after releasing her “F.N.F (Let’s Go)” track. She said Cardi reached out to her immediately after hearing the breakthrough song.

“I was like, ‘Oh my god!’ I had just got off the plane in New York, and I had been at the baggage claim and she texted me, almost as though she saw that I had landed in the city,” GloRilla said in the same interview NME. “I had been sending Cardi music since I first started rapping, and I tried for so long to get her to look at my music. But then she ended up listening, and liked my music, to the point where she was like, ‘I’ve already done my verse for ‘Tomorrow 2,’ before I heard anything else from her. I love Cardi.”

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