Cardi B Curses Out Offset After He Accuses Her of Cheating - NEWS

Cardi B Curses Out Offset After He Accuses Her of Cheating


Cardi B is publicly ripping Offset a new one after the Migos rapper announced to the world Cardi’s allegedly cheated in the past.

If you missed the post-and-delete from Offset Monday, he wrote, “My wife f***** a N**** on me gang yall n***** know how I come.”


Clearly peeved by his post, Cardi lashed out on Twitter Spaces only hours later denying the claims and saying even if she wanted to cheat on Offset, it’s next to impossible because she’s just too famous.

She even went as far as to say she’d smack Offset upside the head with a bottle if he made the claims to her face. Cardi referred to Offset as the “country man” to her followers and even alluded to him suffering some sort of downward spiral.

What’s not clear is where Cardi and Offset’s marriage currently stands — but things don’t seem great.

Cardi was conspicuously absent from Offset’s side at the BET Awards last night, which was an emotional gut-wrencher after he publicly reconciled with Quavo to pay tribute to their late bandmate Takeoff.

Cardi also stayed home for Offset’s big Paris Fashion Week.

As for fans, they’re largely on Cardi’s side. Offset’s infidelities have their own storyline at this point and many people think the only thing he deserves is a tiny violin.

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