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Cardi B’s food journey is as diverse as her music! Discover the delicious details of her daily eats!

Cardi B is one of the biggest names in rap right now. Ever since bursting onto the music scene in 2017 with her smash hit “Bodak Yellow,” the Bronx native has dominated the charts and pop culture.

Beyond her music, Cardi has also become known for her bold, unapologetic personality and unique style. Her rise to fame happened incredibly fast, leaving many fans curious about how she stays healthy while balancing her demanding career. Luckily, Cardi has given us a glimpse into her diet and eating habits in various interviews over the years.

While Cardi doesn’t follow any specific diet plan, she does stick to a consistent daily routine when it comes to food. Here’s what we know about her approach to eating:

Two Meals a Day

One of the most striking parts of Cardi’s diet is that she only eats two meals per day. As she told GQ in a 2018 interview, Cardi skips lunch and only has breakfast and dinner.

“I really only eat breakfast and dinner,” she said. “No lunch.”

This meal timing strategy, sometimes called intermittent fasting, has exploded in popularity over the last few years. Proponents believe restricting eating to set times each day can benefit weight loss, blood sugar control, brain health, and longevity.

Research on intermittent fasting is still ongoing, but some studies suggest it may be an effective weight loss tool for some people. However, experts caution that it’s not a magic solution. To see lasting results, fasting must be combined with an overall healthy diet and exercise regimen.

When asked about her motivation for skipping lunch, Cardi said it was originally a money-saving strategy. As a struggling artist, she couldn’t afford three meals per day. Now, even as a world-famous rapper, she’s stuck to her minimalist meal schedule.

Big, Protein-Packed Breakfasts

Instead of eating throughout the day, Cardi powers up with a huge breakfast packed with protein, healthy fats, and carbs.

In a Twitter post, she shared a typical Cardi B breakfast featuring scrambled eggs, bacon, roasted potatoes and veggies, salami, prosciutto, smoked salmon, and hot sauce. She’ll also often enjoy fresh fruit juice, berries, yogurt, or oatmeal topped with fruit.

Nutrition experts praise this type of breakfast for providing balanced nutrition to jumpstart your metabolism after a long night’s sleep. Protein is especially key, as it helps you feel fuller for longer compared to carb-heavy meals.

Of course, Cardi doesn’t eat this perfectly healthy every single day. Being on the road constantly between concerts, public appearances, and photo shoots makes sticking to a routine difficult.

In one Facebook Live session, she gave fans a glimpse into an indulgent hotel breakfast consisting of pepperoni pizza and a caramel macchiato from Starbucks. Hey – even Grammy winners need the occasional treat!

Liquids: Proper Hydration and Detox Tea

With her nonstop schedule, Cardi understands the importance of staying properly hydrated. She starts her mornings with a large glass of water with lemon to rehydrate and rev up her metabolism.

Throughout the day, she also sips detox tea to curb hunger between meals. Cardi has posted numerous Instagram stories raving about Teami Skinny tea. She’ll often enjoy it during photoshoots when she’s not allowed to eat before putting on couture outfits.

The detox tea brand is a popular one among influencers and celebrities, who claim it helps banish bloat, flush toxins, boost energy, and suppress appetite.

However, many health experts argue that the concept of a “detox tea” is misleading. Despite the health halo surrounding these products, there is no scientific evidence that ingredients like green tea, ginger, peppermint, or guarana actually “detox” the body or burn fat.

At best, increased hydration from tea may temporarily reduce water weight and give the illusion of slimming. But the effects are fleeting. Staying properly hydrated is certainly important for health, but magical detox teas probably aren’t necessary.

That said, if Cardi finds the tea to be a helpful way to curb cravings and stick to two meals per day, there doesn’t seem to be much harm either. Just don’t get caught up in the Instagram hype suggesting these teas lead to dramatic slimdowns or health transformations.

The Impact of Pregnancy on Cardi’s Diet

In 2018, Cardi experienced an immense life change – she became pregnant with her first child. Leading up to the birth of her daughter, Kulture, the rapper opened up about her pregnancy cravings and changing body.

“She wants red meat, she wants to eat mad spicy – my baby wants to be a hot girl,” Cardi joked about her unborn child in an interview.

Pregnancy is no joke when it comes to food cravings and appetite changes. To support the rapid growth taking place inside the womb, expectant mothers often require extra calories and have intense cravings for certain foods.

Cardi indulged her spicy food fixes with plenty of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and hot sauce. She also shared candid Instagram videos about strange pregnancy hankerings like ice cubes with sprinkles. Hey, when baby wants what baby wants, who are you to argue?

Beyond cravings, Cardi also received backlash over her decision to continue performing during her pregnancy. Some fans questioned if her intense dance routines were safe for the baby.

Her doctor, however, supported her choice and actually encouraged her to eat more calories than average to account for her heightened activity level. He explained that since she was still doing concerts, videos, and choreography, she needed extra nourishment.

After giving birth in 2018, Cardi was praised by fans for being refreshingly honest about her postpartum body. On Instagram, she shared unmodified photos and videos showing her post-baby belly while wearing high-waisted compression leggings.

“Let me tell you something,” she declared in one post. “No matter how much you work out – when you have a baby, your stomach muscles expand. That pouch is probably going to be there for the rest of your life.”

As a new mom balancing her career, Cardi has been transparent about the difficulties of losing baby weight. She insists that new moms should give themselves grace and not rush to snap back based on society’s unrealistic standards. Priority number one is recovery and adjusting to motherhood – not counting calories.

“Take your f****** time,” Cardi said in regards to weight loss postpartum. Slow and steady wins the race.

Her Best Diet and Wellness Tips

When it comes to overall wellness advice, Cardi prefers to keep things simple and realistic. She doesn’t believe in restrictive dieting or excessive workout regimens. Moderation and consistency are key.

In an interview with E! News, the rapper shared one of her top health tips:

“Drink water with lemon in the morning.”

Beyond starting her day hydrated, Cardi also makes sure to get enough sleep, even if it means missing out on parties and events.

“I start to get really stressed out when I don’t get enough sleep,” she told Elle. “I need my full eight hours.”

Sleep is essential for physical health, immunity, cognitive function, mood regulation, and more. Cardi understands that skimping on sleep can quickly throw your whole system out of whack and increase disease risk.

Lastly, Cardi emphasizes the importance of finding balance and enjoyment in life. While she’s incredibly driven, she knows that constant work without any fun is a recipe for burnout.

Her advice? Learn when to say no – even when money is on the table. Guard your mental health by taking real vacations, not just getting on a different grind in a new location.

“You need to learn how to say no because people will run you to the ground,” she explained. “Take care of your mental health and your personal health before anything.”

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, Cardi B’s diet and health routines emphasize simplicity over restriction. She understands the unique needs of her body – through pregnancy, postpartum, and her general busy lifestyle.

By tailoring her eating schedule, food choices, and self-care habits to support her personal health goals, Cardi has struck a realistic balance. Her transparency about pregnancy weight, post-baby bodies, and mental health offers genuine encouragement for the average woman.

While Cardi admits she doesn’t always eat healthy meals, she does stick to consistent habits like skipping lunch, eating protein-rich breakfasts, staying hydrated, and getting adequate sleep. She also builds in plenty of treats and doesn’t pressure herself to be perfect.

So the next time you’re looking for diet inspiration from a celeb, take a cue from Cardi. Ditch the restriction, embrace balance, listen to your body’s needs, and remember to have some fun along the way!

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