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Child Fan’s Adorable and Hilarious Reaction that NFL Star Travis Kelce is Dating Taylor Swift

This is the most lovely moment when a young girl who is a huge admirer of Travis Kelce finds out that her hero has a girlfriend, and that girlfriend is none other than the international music sensation Taylor Swift.

While driving her toy car, Mandi Thompson breaks the news to her daughter that Travis has a girlfriend in a video that she has uploaded to social media. The video is very amusing.

“Is it me?” the young girl says in response to the question. It is up to the mother to explain that “no, it’s Taylor Swift,” as the situation is.

Immediately prior to placing her head on the driving wheel, the girl’s look shifts from one of joy to one of complete and utter disbelief.

Over the past few days, the video has gone viral on X, and many Kelce fans have expressed their sympathy for the young girl, who seems to have her own expectations for her future.


The pair jumped onto a golf cart, where Swift then waved back at fans calling out her name

The fact that Kelce and Swift, a popular singer, are still together is a source of great disappointment for his fans.

Kelce looks to be head over heels in love with Swift, who was voted the Person of the Year for 2023 by TIME Magazine this week. This news has caused a great deal of dissatisfaction among a great proportion of Chiefs fans.

Despite the fact that she took her private plane to Kansas City on Sunday in order to watch Kelce play, he ended up losing for the second time in a row.

Following the conclusion of the game, Kelce and Swift were seen leaving Arrowhead while holding hands. They were then taken away on a golf cart, as captured in a video that was exclusive to

In the footage, Swift can be seen waving back at supporters who screamed her name, while Kelce, who appeared to be in a state of deep reflection on the loss, stared straight ahead with a stone-faced expression.

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