'If you don't keep it carefully, you'll regret it when you lose it' - NEWS

‘If you don’t keep it carefully, you’ll regret it when you lose it’

‘If you don’t keep it carefully, you’ll regret it when you lose it’: Offset Warns Lil Baby to Back Off Cardi B! 

‘Hey, man, watch yourself, brothers. That’s my wife, bro. I’m not playing with y’all at all – dead serious. I’m risking everything. To be honest, she’s a G. She pops her mouth and talks crazy, but on a loyalty level, I’ve never been with a woman like her. I’m connected too, right? I’ve been in this game, and everything is a clean slate. It’s all clean and clear. That’s why I’m not playing.

So, when you’re sliding into the DMs and thinking it’s a game, she’s a real one. Even if she’s mad at me, she ain’t no goofy. She won’t go for any games or play around. She’ll let me know, so I know. I’m just saying, be cautious.’

Offset warns men trying to flirt with Cardi B “It ain’t safe”

Offset joined Angela Yee for an exclusive interview which majorly includes a discussion about his wife Cardi B and their newly released single “Jealousy”. Atlanta Rapper addressed his IG story which sparked rumours that the Bronx native might have cheated on Offset.

Offset speaks on why he posted and deleted IG story about Cardi

“She gets crazy at mouth a little bit and i was really lit that night..and then we’re going back and forth and then i’m like Watch this” said Offset also adding that she’s crazy but he loves his wife.

Offset warns guys flirting with Cardi B

“Whoever it is it ain’t safe..She might be mad at me but she a real one. She’s not trying to disrespect herself..she ain’t no goofy. So she ain’t go play any game or she gonna let me know. And it’s like hey man watch yourself brothers that’s my wife bro i ain’t playing with ya’ll dead serious like i’m not playing, i’m not risking!” warned Offset.

Offset also discussed his past of cheating

“I was young, I had just got married, I’m getting a lot of money, really it was communication. We got married …our communication was good but it wasn’t like I wasn’t saying my wants and needs and vice versa…” said Offset also blaming his lean addiction which resulted in Bad decisions.

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