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Empower Your Day: Cardi B’s Top 3 Tracks for a Positive Mindset

Cardi B is known for her chart-topping hits and bold, unapologetic lyrics. But beyond just catchy beats and rap skills, many of Cardi’s songs contain deeply empowering and motivational messages. When you’re feeling down, sometimes all it takes is the right song to lift your spirits back up. Cardi B has created several anthems perfect for boosting positivity. Here are the top 3 Cardi B songs to blast when you need an extra confidence boost.

“I Like It” (featuring Bad Bunny & J Balvin) (2018)

This Latin trap collaboration between Cardi B, Bad Bunny, and J Balvin is the ultimate pick-me-up song. With its infectious beat and Cardi’s confident flow, “I Like It” is guaranteed to have you feeling on top of the world.

The song starts with Cardi boldly declaring “I like it” over and over, making it clear from the start that this song is all about celebrating life and feeling good. She continues with lyrics like “I’m picky with my men, I only like the finest” and “I’m a boss, you a worker bee / I make the rules, you follow me,” emphasizing her power and confidence.

The beat is highly energetic and danceable, built around a catchy guitar riff sample from Pete Rodriguez’s 1970 song “I Like It Like That.” This classic sample gives the song a retro yet modern feel that’s impossible not to groove to. Cardi, Bad Bunny, and J Balvin trade verses seamlessly in both English and Spanish, making the song universally appealing and inclusive.

Bad Bunny comes in with a verse about partying all night and living in the moment. J Balvin follows with smooth vocals declaring “I like it when you take control.” But it’s Cardi’s commanding presence and bold lyrics that truly shine, like when she raps “I’m the real hot girl and I do this regularly.” She owns her sexuality and celebrates enjoying the finer things in life unapologetically.

The music video takes things to another level, featuring Cardi and her crew living it up on a private island paradise. Luxurious cars, yachts, jets, and endless parties depict a life most can only dream of. But the video sends a message that with hard work and confidence like Cardi’s, anyone can achieve that level of success.

Overall, “I Like It” is the ultimate feel-good anthem. Its upbeat tempo, catchy lyrics, and Cardi’s empowering presence make it impossible not to feel on top of the world while listening. When you need a positivity boost, this song is guaranteed to lift your mood instantly.

“Bodak Yellow” (2017)

Released in 2017, “Bodak Yellow” was the song that first introduced Cardi B to the mainstream and catapulted her to superstardom. Beyond just a hit song, “Bodak Yellow” contains deeply motivating messages that continue to inspire millions of fans worldwide.

The track starts with Cardi boldly declaring “These expensive, these is red bottoms, these is bloody shoes” over a simple yet gripping beat. She goes on to rap about her success and lavish lifestyle, from expensive designer clothes and cars to high-end parties and travels.

But what makes “Bodak Yellow” truly empowering is that Cardi shares her journey of overcoming adversity to achieve her dreams. She raps about growing up poor, stripping to make ends meet, and people doubting her talents. Yet through her persistence and hustle, she rose from the bottom to become a superstar rapper.

Lyrics like “Last year I wasn’t out here / Now I’m counting hundred dollar bills, yeah” and “They said I’m flexin’ on Instagram / But I ain’t even gone ‘gram” depict Cardi’s meteoric rise to fame through her raw talent and work ethic alone. She celebrates her success while sending a message that anyone can achieve their goals through determination and hard work.

The beat is hypnotic yet minimal, allowing Cardi’s powerful lyrics and delivery to take center stage. Her flow is confident yet authentic as she spits bars about her past struggles and current lavish lifestyle with equal swagger. Cardi’s unapologetic nature and rags-to-riches story resonated deeply with millions of fans worldwide.

“Bodak Yellow” proved doubters wrong and inspired countless people to chase their dreams undeterred by naysayers. Its message of overcoming struggles through grit and passion to achieve success continues motivating listeners years later. When you need a confidence boost, this anthem is sure to remind you that you’re capable of anything if you believe in yourself.

“Get Up 10” (2021)

Cardi’s 2021 collaboration with hip-hop legend Kanye West, “Get Up 10,” contains one of her most motivational messages yet. The track is an upbeat call to action about persevering through challenges and never giving up on your dreams.

Over a bouncy, synth-heavy beat produced by Digital Nas, Cardi and Kanye trade verses about pushing themselves to new limits each day. Cardi raps about waking up early to get to work, running “ten miles in the mornin’” and then doing it all again the next day with even more intensity.

Her lyrics emphasize bettering yourself through consistent effort and self-improvement. “I’ma get up, I’ma work harder” she declares, making it clear that success requires dedication and sacrifice. Kanye follows with similarly motivating lines like “Woke up, chakras aligned, I done got to shine.”

Both artists rap about facing naysayers and doubters but refusing to let outside opinions deter their goals. Cardi acknowledges setbacks and hard times but stresses the importance of persevering no matter what. Her chorus hook of “Get up, get up, get up, get up” acts as the ultimate motivational mantra.

Musically, the beat is upbeat yet intense, mimicking the drive and energy needed to push past limits. Cardi and Kanye’s flows match the instrumental’s intensity perfectly, never letting the momentum drop for a single bar. Their lyrical synergy makes the track feel like a true collaboration between hip-hop titans.

“Get Up 10” leaves listeners feeling inspired to work harder each day and never settle. Its message that success requires consistent effort over time is profoundly motivating. When you need a confidence boost, this song’s rousing lyrics and beat are sure to light a fire under you to chase your dreams with relentless determination.

In summary, Cardi B has crafted several anthems perfectly suited to lift your spirits during down moments. “I Like It” celebrates enjoying life’s pleasures confidently. “Bodak Yellow” tells a story of persevering through struggles to achieve dreams against all odds. And “Get Up 10” is a call to relentless self-improvement and never giving up.

With their empowering lyrics and infectious beats, these Cardi B songs are guaranteed to boost your positivity and motivation. So next time negative thoughts creep in, blast one of these tracks to remind yourself of your power and potential. Cardi’s music proves that with confidence, grit and passion, you can overcome any adversity to live an extraordinary life on your own terms.

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