From glam to grounding, Cardi B gives fans a glimpse into her self-care routine, proving that self-love is key to success. - NEWS

From glam to grounding, Cardi B gives fans a glimpse into her self-care routine, proving that self-love is key to success.

Cardi B has firmly established herself as one of the biggest names in music over the past few years. Between releasing hit singles, touring the world, acting in movies, launching businesses, and raising her daughter Kulture, Cardi B stays incredibly busy. With such a hectic schedule and the pressures that come with fame and success, it’s no surprise that self-care is a priority for the rapper. While she hasn’t done extensive interviews focused solely on her self-care practices, we can piece together some key aspects of Cardi B’s routine based on her social media presence and past interviews.

Prioritizing Relaxation

Cardi B makes it clear that relaxation and indulgence are an important part of unwinding for her. With her schedule, she understands the need to spoil herself and fully relax when possible. Some of the ways Cardi B treats herself include luxurious spa days, lavish vacations, and treating herself to expensive fashion and accessories.

Spa Days
One of Cardi B’s favorite ways to relax is with spa treatments. She frequently posts on her Instagram story receiving massages, facials, manicures, and other pampering services. Some of her go-to spas include The Spa at The Beverly Hills Hotel, The Spa at The Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, and The Spa at The London West Hollywood. Treatments at these high-end spas can cost hundreds of dollars but Cardi B sees it as an investment in self-care. Getting massaged away all the stress and tension of her busy life is a priority.

Luxurious Vacations
When she has time off, Cardi B likes to fully unwind by jetting off to lavish vacation destinations. Some of the places she’s visited include the Bahamas, Jamaica, Bora Bora, Dubai, and Ibiza. These getaways allow her to relax in beautiful surroundings, enjoy water activities, and party without responsibilities for a while. Vacation photos on her Instagram show her lounging in bikinis, drinking cocktails on yachts, and soaking in scenic views – the ultimate relaxation. The travel and accommodations for these international trips are certainly not cheap but Cardi sees it as worthwhile self-care.

Expensive Fashion
Treating herself to high-end fashion, jewelry, and accessories also seems to be a form of self-care and stress relief for Cardi B. She’s known for rocking designer outfits worth thousands from brands like Balenciaga, Versace, and Chanel. Her collection of Birkin bags alone is estimated at over $1 million. While expensive, these indulgent purchases could be Cardi B’s way of pampering herself and feeling confident and luxurious. Shopping appears to be therapeutic for her and a reward after long periods of work. Her Instagram is filled with photos of her rocking her lavish looks, clearly taking pride and pleasure in them.

Openness to Therapy
While relaxation and indulgence are part of Cardi B’s self-care, she’s also open about the importance of addressing her mental health more directly through therapy. In a 2020 interview with Vogue, she revealed that she started therapy around the time her debut album Invasion of Privacy was released in 2018. Juggling her new motherhood, career pressures, and relationship issues led her to seek professional help.

Cardi B was honest about not wanting to go to therapy at first due to the stigma but realized it was necessary. She credits therapy with helping her manage stress and anxiety in healthier ways. This shows self-awareness on Cardi’s part and a willingness to prioritize emotional well-being over any fears of being judged. Seeing a therapist regularly seems to be one way she cares for her mental health amid the chaos of her high-profile life. Her openness about therapy could also help normalize the importance of addressing mental health issues.

Staying Connected with Family and Friends
While relaxation, indulgence, and therapy are important parts of Cardi B’s self-care routine, her social connections seem most vital of all. She frequently posts on social media showing love for her family, especially daughter Kulture. Spending quality time with those closest to her when not working appears crucial to recharging.

In her Instagram stories and posts, Cardi is often photographed doting on little Kulture, playing with her at home, and bringing her along on low-key outings. She’s expressed how being a mother has brought her the most fulfillment. Friends like husband Offset, sister Hennessy Carolina, and best friend Star also make regular appearances on her feed during fun activities together like parties, dinners out, and girls trips. These bonds seem to energize Cardi and provide an escape from stresses.

She’s also opened up in interviews before about relying heavily on friends and family for emotional support, venting, and advice during difficult periods. Maintaining close relationships that lift her up is clearly a key part of self-care. When not working, Cardi B prioritizes quality time with loved ones to stay grounded amid her whirlwind career.

Finding the Right Balance
Juggling all the aspects of a multi-million dollar career while being a mother and partner would overwhelm most. But Cardi B has found ways to implement self-care practices that work for her high-energy lifestyle and mental wellness needs. Relaxation through spa days, travel, and retail therapy provide an escape from demands. Meanwhile, therapy and social connections offer more direct emotional fulfillment and support.

It’s important to note that Cardi’s approach to self-care undoubtedly involves luxuries not accessible to all. However, the core principles still apply – finding activities that relax the mind and body, prioritizing mental health care, and nurturing relationships. With her busy schedule, Cardi B understands the need to recharge regularly in order to avoid burnout. Striking the right balance between work and restoration seems key.

While she hasn’t done a deep-dive interview solely focused on her self-care routine, snippets shared by Cardi B provide insights. Relaxation, therapy, and family clearly play important roles. But at the end of the day, her routine looks different than others and that’s okay – what matters most is finding practices that effectively refresh and nurture well-being, whether lavish or low-key. Cardi B’s openness about prioritizing self-care could help inspire others to do the same during demanding seasons of life.

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