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Gunna Denies Snitching Claims On New Offset Collab “Prada Dem”

Gunna just dropped off a new collaborative single with Offset, “Prada Dem,” and it’s probably his most high-profile collab since his RICO arrest back in 2022. That’s because accusations of snitching plagued him ever since his plea deal in this YSL case, resulting in some subliminal beefs and a whole lot of debate. But on this new track, the College Park, Georgia native continues to deny these claims as his career grows and evolves past this phase. “I set the trend, I’m a trendsetter / I’m not a rat, still gettin’ cheddar,” he raps on the cut, which is a pretty solid and satisfying link-up between these two MCs.

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What’s more is that the Drip Season spitter will go on tour this year to fully capitalize on his comeback. A lot of fans really loved his 2023 LP a Gift & a Curse, and even though it wasn’t the most critically acclaimed release of that year, it was certainly one of its biggest and most pivotal moments. After all, Gunna competed with Young Thug by dropping their first post-YSL RICO albums a week apart. But as time goes on and the “rat” narrative dies down, assuming that there’s bad blood between them seems more and more like an unlikely reality.

Not only that, but this contentious speculation also applies to other hip-hop peers, namely Lil Baby. He’s been one of the most outspoken and most thinly veiled actors when it comes to dissing Gunna, which is sad considering their previous partnership. In fact, Wunna seemed to take aim at Baby on his recent single “Bittersweet,” and these constant drops indicate that there could be something big on the way. Maybe a Gift & a Curse cleared the air, and now it’s time for him to go full throttle against his detractors.

Still, none of that means anything if the material isn’t good, so we’ll see what else there is to offer. For now, it’s been all hitters, and as the YSL RICO case goes on, we’ll see if the 30-year-old pops up in it more. 2024 might be an even more successful year for him than the last. On that note, keep checking in with HNHH for the latest news and updates on Gunna.


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