Heartstopper's Sebastian Croft Chooses Taylor Swift's 'Enchanted' to Kick Off Crush Playlist - NEWS

Heartstopper’s Sebastian Croft Chooses Taylor Swift’s ‘Enchanted’ to Kick Off Crush Playlist

Taylor Swift offered her track ‘seven’ for use in season two of Heartstopper, as revealed by the hit Netflix show’s music supervisor. Taylor’s song ‘seven’ from her 2020 album ‘folklore’ is used as the soundtrack for an emotional scene featuring lesbian couple Tara and Darcy.

Prior to the scene, Darcy’s mum kicks her out of the house after she decides to wear a suit to her prom. After Darcy doesn’t show up at prom, her girlfriend Tara gets worried and goes to her house – where she sees how homophobic Darcy’s mum is.

The couple later reunite and share a deep conversation, before Darcy tells Tara she loves her. The pair then share a kiss as Taylor’s song ‘seven’ plays.

Revealing that Taylor offered the track, Heartstopper’s music supervisor Matt Biffa replied to a fan who thought the show had ‘big bucks’ as they were able to use a Taylor Swift song. He said: ‘She just thought the scene was beautiful and we were then able to make it work.’

Matt went on to share that Taylor saw that specific scene in episode eight, rather than getting an early glimpse at the full season of the popular show. Replying to another fan, Matt also said: ‘Sometimes art is more important than $$$.’

Season two of Heartstopper is available to watch on Netflix now. The show sees Kit Connor and Joe Locke take on the roles of young couple Nick and Charlie.

It has previously been revealed that the show will be returning for a third season – although we don’t yet know when we’ll see what’s next for Nick and Charlie.

Speaking about season three, the show’s creator Alice Oseman said: “People who have read the comics will know what is going to happen, but I don’t want to spoil it for people who haven’t been reading the comics.

“I think season two’s ending just sets up that conversation for next season. We know that Charlie loves Nick, and I think we know that Nick loves Charlie as well. It’s just about when and how they’re going to say that to each other.”

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