HOT: Britney Spears team fears the singer is in for heartbreak again - NEWS

HOT: Britney Spears team fears the singer is in for heartbreak again

Britney Spears was linked to Paul Richard Soliz following her shocking divorce from husband Sam Asghari just 14 months after their marriage.

Soliz has a controversial past with a criminal record that dates to 2004. Heโ€™s been caught with drugs, caused disturbances, and had illegal guns.

Even though the two were rumoured to have broken up, new report by Us Weekly suggested that the popstar is still dating Soliz.

While things are going well between the couple, the popstarโ€™s team isnโ€™t sure about their romance because they fear Soliz might eventually want something from her or betray her trust.

According to an insider, her assistants have been clear about not wanting Paul around since day one. Spearsโ€™ managerial team may suspect him of having ulterior motives.

โ€œHer assistants donโ€™t want [Paul] around; theyโ€™ve made that clear from day one,โ€ an insider said. โ€œShe is such a sweetheart and generous by nature, but he doesnโ€™t want anything.โ€

โ€œHe isnโ€™t in it for that and genuinely cares about her as a person. [But] her managerial team probably thinks he is out to do something shady,โ€ they added.


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