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Justin Bieber has an enviable love history with many beautiful models.

A year full of scandals for “bad boy” Justin Bieber has passed, the teenage singer is gradually regaining his form with the image of a “sweet kid” in the hearts of fans. In 2015, Justin Bieber took the opportunity to apologize whenever and wherever possible to repent for his past actions. But recently, showing off her body with too many tattoos or taking nude photos has made the Sorry  singer famous in the newspapers with many mixed opinions.

Not stopping there, the hottest topic is Justin Bieber’s open relationships. From famous singers, long-legged supermodels to reality TV actors, they all suit Justin Bieber’s taste. Surely this guy can’t stop this dating fun until he finds the other half of his life. Let’s take a look at the hot beauties who have been and are currently in the arms of the Prince of Pop.

Adriana Lima

Victoria’s Secret supermodel Adriana Lima had a secret relationship with Justin Bieber after first meeting at the 67th Cannes Film Festival. The two had private dates in the spring of 2014, just a few weeks later. when Lima broke up with her husband, Marko Jaric. According to E! News, Bieber and the supermodel had a memorable time on the French Riviera. The couple chatted intimately at a private villa and there was much evidence that Justin Bieber actively pursued Lima. Bieber was romantic and gallant with her. However, representatives of both refused to give official explanations about this matter. 

Jordan Ozuna

Jordan Ozuna works as a waitress at Hooters. She became famous after having a private conversation with Justin Bieber for 15 minutes. Previously, Ozuna had encountered the 21-year-old male singer in Vegas. After that, singer Baby  rented a villa in Georgia and invited Jordan Ozuna to rest there with him. The two spent Valentine’s Day together without Selena Gomez. According to insider sources, Bieber has quite a crush on Ozuna. Even though she is not a famous actress, this beautiful girl still makes millions of female fans around the world jealous because she is dating one of the hottest Pop stars today. 

Milyn Jensen

Milyn Jensen is known as the factor that directly broke the relationship between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. Jensen and Bieber have many private moments together, both picking each other up at the other’s company and attending night clubs together. Milyn Jensen also confirmed that Justin Bieber took her to a private villa after a night of partying. Jensen even recounted in detail the night they spent together, saying that she and Bieber kissed passionately. She and Justin Bieber both knew what they were doing but they volunteered, with Jensen admitting she was a nurse and aspiring model.

Yovanna Ventura

Back in 2014, Bieber and a hot model named Yovanna Ventura started flirting with each other on social networks. Ventura and Bieber not only connected on Instagram but also in real life. Yovanna Ventura spent the weekend in Vegas with Bieber and Kendall Jenner (according to a source from Jenner’s friend, Justin and Kendall Jenner were also quite close during this time). Ventura and the handsome singer were spotted walking hand in hand romantically on the Boardwalk. The two also showed off intimate pictures like lovers on their personal pages. That’s right, Yovanna Ventura is a gorgeous girl so it’s not shocking that Bieber pursued her.

Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke

After going his separate ways with Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber seems to constantly date singers and models to fill his loneliness. In 2013, Ella-Paige was caught by a group of paparazzi leaving Justin Bieber’s hotel room at 2am. However, Ella stated that she and the pop star are not dating. Ella-Paige once partied all night with Justin Bieber on her 19th birthday, making netizens curious about their relationship. Reporters also found it strange that Ella-Paige and Justin Bieber were not dating, but she often got out of the singer’s car and appeared at Bieber’s hotel room.

Barbara Palvin

Attractive supermodel from Hungary, Barbara Palvin, is also on the list of the most beautiful girls ever “passed by” Justin Bieber. Palvin previously briefly dated One Direction’s Naill Horan, but recently she turned her attention to Bieber. It seems that the supermodel really likes handsome blonde singers. Bieber flirted with Palvin at the 2014 Victoria Secret lingerie show. The two secretly vacationed together in Miami after a month of knowing each other. Barbara Palvin is also one of the reasons why Selena Gomez ended her relationship with Bieber.

Jayde Pierce

In October 2015, Bieber caused a stir on social networking sites with a series of nude photos while vacationing on the island of Bora Bora with British model Jayde Pierce. The two had romantic private moments together. Justin Bieber plays the guitar for her while swimming and together enjoy luxurious services on vacation. Justin Bieber also gallantly carried Jayde Pierce while climbing a mountain with friends. Hot photos of the two quickly spread across websites.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner recently became very close with singer Justin Bieber. However, Jenner does not “allow” herself to develop higher feelings because Bieber does not want to have a serious relationship right now. However, a friend of Bieber said he felt “jealous” when he saw Kendall Jenner dating One Direction’s Harry Styles.

In addition, Justin also has a “shady” relationship with Kendall Jenner’s best friend, Hailey Baldwin, and the rookie model’s sister Kourtney. Insider reports said that this caused tension in the two girls’ friendship even though they were fine on the outside. The Daily Mail said Selena Gomez expressed her resentment towards Bieber when he had too many overlapping relationships and seemed “promiscuous”. Selena’s fans have gradually understood why their princess broke up with Bieber.

Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin is a bright supermodel in the entertainment industry and the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin. Justin Bieber is truly an irresistible guy when he can date two beautiful models and close friends at the same time and all three are still very “peaceful”. According to some sources, Justin Bieber admitted he did not want a committed or clear relationship, Hailey and Kendall agreed to this. In a recent press interview, Bieber shared that if he were to marry anyone, that person could only be Selena Gomez.

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber were even together during the 2016 New Year holiday

Miranda Kerr

Justin Bieber seems to be very attracted to Victoria Secret’s supermodels. Miranda Kerr is no exception. Even when she was rumored to be with Justin, she was still married to actor Orlando Bloom. An employee working at Victoria Secret’s lingerie show confirmed that Justin and Miranda had intimate actions backstage at the 2012 show. During that time, she was also rumored to be dating Leonardo DiCaprio.

selena gomez

Selena Gomez is probably the woman who has had the longest relationship with famous singer Justin Bieber. The two were each other’s first love and lived together as husband and wife. Even though they broke up, Bieber declared that he always loves Selena Gomez and always misses her. He hopes Gomez will always be happy even if he is with someone else. On the contrary, Gomez shared that she cannot stand Bieber’s antics anymore and no longer trusts the Baby singer . Saying goodbye to Bieber, the Disney princess appeared with a new image, stronger and sexier than ever. 

Kourtney Kardashian

Rumors spread everywhere about the unusual relationship between Justin Bieber and the oldest girl in the Kardashian family, Kourtney. The eldest Kardashian sister is 30 years old and has three children with ex-boyfriend Scott Disick. However, that doesn’t seem to affect Bieber’s feelings at all. The Prince of Pop even posted a photo taken with Kourtney on his personal page with the caption: “God knows…”  Many sources believe that this is just Kourtney’s way of angering Scott Disick. The age gap couple’s love news is a hot topic on every tabloid page. How this relationship will develop in the near future is still a mystery.


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