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Lights, Camera, Cardi: A Peek Into the TV Shows That Keep the Rap Queen Hooked!

Cardi B first gained widespread recognition and fame through her appearances on the VH1 reality television series Love & Hip Hop: New York from 2015 to 2017. The show followed the personal and professional lives of several people working in the hip hop industry in New York City. Cardi B’s time on the show helped introduce her unique personality and backstory to audiences and gave her an initial platform to promote her music career.

While Cardi B has never explicitly stated that Love & Hip Hop: New York is one of her favorite shows, it makes sense that she would have fond memories and appreciation for the program that helped launch her into the mainstream. Reality television was her introduction to entertainment industry and fans. She may enjoy rewatching episodes that documented her early career struggles and triumphs. Cardi B also seems to have maintained good relationships with her former castmates like Tahiry Jose and Jonathan Fernandez.

In addition to kickstarting her fame, Love & Hip Hop: New York also likely gave Cardi B insight into how reality television is produced and the type of drama and storylines producers seek out. This behind-the-scenes knowledge could influence what shows she finds most entertaining as a viewer. Reality television’s focus on interpersonal conflicts and transformations may appeal to Cardi B’s interest in human dynamics and psychology. She may appreciate the authenticity of reality shows compared to scripted programming.

While no specific reality programs have been directly linked to Cardi B, it’s probable that she keeps up with some popular titles in the genre given her history and success being featured on one. Shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Real Housewives franchises, or Jersey Shore could be in her rotation. Reality television remains a lucrative space, so Cardi B may also keep an eye on potential future business opportunities in producing or collaborating on future unscripted series. Her background makes reality a natural genre of interest.

Cardi B’s Love of Comedy

In addition to reality television, Cardi B’s comedic talents and appreciation for humor suggest that comedy shows may be among her favorite genres to watch. She has demonstrated a knack for delivering hilarious freestyle raps and candid social media rants that entertain her massive online following. Cardi B also seems to have fun collaborating with comedians, whether on sketch comedy shows or as guests on late night programs.

One comedy-related television appearance that Cardi B likely looks back on fondly is her stint as musical guest and co-host on Saturday Night Live back in 2018 alongside comedian Chance the Rapper. In addition to performing her chart-topping single “Be Careful,” Cardi B fully embraced the SNL experience with her natural comedic timing and willingness to poke fun at herself. She appeared reliable and easygoing as a host. Her performance was widely praised and helped expand her fanbase beyond just hip hop listeners.

Other late night programs that have featured Cardi B as a guest, like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel Live!, are also likely to be shows she enjoys. On these appearances, Cardi B has been game for comedy skits, doesn’t take herself too seriously, and adds to the lighthearted atmosphere with her unfiltered charisma and hilarity. She may appreciate these shows as a way to promote her music while having fun in a low-pressure setting.

When it comes to scripted comedy series, there aren’t any specific ones directly linked to Cardi B. However, given her comedic talents and collaborations with funny television personalities, it’s reasonable to assume she keeps up with many popular sitcoms and finds humor in shows like The Office, Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, black-ish, and Modern Family. Cardi B’s own brand of humor suggests she can appreciate clever, character-driven comedy across many genres.

Appreciation for Strong Female Leads

As a successful woman in the male-dominated hip hop industry, Cardi B likely connects with and takes inspiration from strong female characters and leads across television and film. She is a role model herself, using her platform to advocate for women’s empowerment, sexuality positivity, and overcoming doubts about one’s abilities. Cardi B’s own journey to the top wasn’t easy and likely involved facing doubters and naysayers along the way.

Some scripted shows with compelling female protagonists that Cardi B may enjoy include Orange is the New Black, which features an ensemble of complex and diverse women navigating the prison system. The drama How to Get Away with Murder starring Viola Davis as a shrewd and ambitious criminal defense professor may also appeal to Cardi B. Both shows showcase intelligent, ambitious women succeeding in male-dominated fields.

When it comes to comedy, the trailblazing sitcoms with influential female characters like Murphy Brown, The Golden Girls, Sex and the City, and Girls likely resonate with Cardi B given their impact and representations of independent women. She may also find humor and inspiration in modern comedies centered around outspoken women like Broad City, Insecure, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. These shows all celebrate the triumphs, mistakes, and friendships of their vivacious leading ladies.

On the reality television front, competition shows highlighting skilled and determined women like Top Chef, Project Runway, and RuPaul’s Drag Race are probably up Cardi B’s alley. She seems to celebrate diverse expressions of femininity. The drama and heart of these programs combined with their focus on craft, creativity, and pushing boundaries align with Cardi B’s own journey in the male-dominated music industry.

While specific favorites haven’t been named, Cardi B undoubtedly connects with strong and compelling female characters across television and looks to influential women in entertainment for motivation as she continues elevating her own career achievements. She understands the importance of representation and using one’s platform to empower others.

Cardi B’s Eclectic Taste in Television

Overall, while no definitive “favorite” television shows have been called out directly by Cardi B, analyzing her background and personality provides clues into the types of programs that would likely appeal most to her diverse interests and sense of humor. Reality television will always have a special place in her heart as the genre that launched her rise to fame. However, beyond that, it’s clear Cardi B enjoys many different types of comedy whether in sketch, late night, or scripted formats due to her comedic talents.

Dramas with complex female characters she can relate to as a successful woman in a male-dominated industry are also likely high on her watch list. But beyond specific genres, it’s probable that Cardi B has fairly eclectic viewing tastes. She seems open-minded to trying new shows and connects with authentic personalities and compelling storytelling across many styles of television. Cardi B also doesn’t take herself too seriously and can find humor in unexpected places.

While direct confirmations of her all-time favorite shows remain elusive, analyzing Cardi B’s background in reality television, comedic abilities, advocacy for women’s empowerment, and colorful personality provides reasonable insight into the types of television programs that would resonate most with her interests. From reality juggernauts to influential sitcoms and dramas, Cardi B’s TV preferences are as diverse as the artist herself. She remains a fan of entertainment that makes her laugh, reflects her experiences, or provides inspiration as her own career and influence continue reaching new heights.

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