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The Miracle at Ma’la: A Tale of Faith and Devotion

Many true stories occur around us, but sometimes our logic fails to interpret them. One such story is the real account of what happened during the exhumation of the Hajj Pilgrims’ Graves.

During the Hajj season in Mecca, when a pilgrim passes away, they are buried in Ma’la, a cemetery designated for Hajj pilgrims in Mecca. After 8 months, the grave is reopened to bury another body. It is from here that the real story of the corpse sitting up and reciting Surah Yaasin took place. Hopefully, we can learn lessons and wisdom from this event. Below is the complete story.

This story is real and indeed happened as narrated by Malaysian students in Saudi Arabia. This incident just occurred and was confirmed true by Ustadz Halim Naser, a prominent lecturer in Malaysia.

This incident occurred on a day during the previous Hajj season, where Malaysian students performing Hajj, along with an Arab, buried a deceased during the pilgrimage season. The grave was in Ma’la, the burial place for Hajj pilgrims who pass away in Mecca.

The way they buried the body was by leaving it in a prepared hole and covering it for about eight months. After eight months, the hole would be reopened to bury a new body.

On that day, when one hole was opened to bury a new body, the Arab man dashed away in fear as he saw the corpse sitting up, not lying down as usual. The Malaysian student dared to crawl into the grave to get a clearer view. Indeed, the corpse was sitting up and reciting the Quran, and the Quran was genuine.

Upon closer inspection, the open verse of the Quran was Surah Yasin. One remarkable thing was that the corpse did not decay, and the cloth wrapping it did not decay either. Only the cotton placed between the corpse and the shroud (ihram cloth) had decayed.

Upon investigation, it turned out that the deceased was a black-skinned man whose job was to clean the Kaaba from spilled Zamzam water. His only job was to clean the Kaaba whenever there was a spillage of Zamzam water. If there was no spillage, he would sit in one corner of the Kaaba and recite Surah Yasin.

This is the reward for those who serve Allah’s cause. This is what makes us more enthusiastic to visit the Kaaba.

After that incident, the burial hole was cemented back and marked to ensure that no more bodies would be buried at that location. This is our source of reflection. This is evidence of Allah’s promises to His obedient and sincere servants. And Allah knows best. May it be beneficial.


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