NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes's shocking guilty pleasure in his offseason diet is revealed by his wife Brittany - NEWS

NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes’s shocking guilty pleasure in his offseason diet is revealed by his wife Brittany

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has been enjoying his offseason, with his wife Brittany revealing that the NFL star is eating 10 ice creams a night

Patrick Mahomes, star quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, is having a lot of fun in the off-season, as his wife Brittany shared a funny picture of him eating an ice cream, joking he gets through 10 every night.

Mahomes has won the Super Bowl two times in a row and three times in his career. Now, he’s taking it easy and having a great time with his family, having just returned from a family trip to Mexico last week.

Fans have been joking about Patrick’s ‘dad bod’ since a photo of him emerged after a big win against the Baltimore Ravens. But Mahomes just laughed it off on social media.

He wrote: “Yoooo why they have to do me like that! ? ! ? ! ? ,” with lots of laughing faces and the hashtag #DadBodSZN. Then he added: “Like I got kids! ! ! ! ” because he thought it was so funny.

The Chiefs’ star quarterback has been on fire since he became the main man in 2018, bagging two MVP’s, three Super Bowl’s and leading his team to the AFC Championship game every season. This has helped make the Chiefs a top team.

And it doesn’t look like the Chiefs are slowing down anytime soon. They’ve made some cool new signings – including former first-round wide receiver Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown and they’ve kept hold of defensive superstar Chris Jones.

Patrick Mahomes’ wife posted the image of the quarterback eyeing up an ice cream cone

The Chiefs also have a chance to add more talent in the upcoming NFL Draft. They could pick another receiver to join their team which has been a bit weak in recent years. People often say that the Chiefs might pick one of Georgia’s Ladd McConkey or Adonai Mitchell (Texas), who could both start for the Chiefs alongside Brown and the amazing rookie Rashee Rice.

In great news for the Chiefs, superstar tight end Travis Kelce has said that he’s not planning on retiring any time soon – and he still looks like one of the best players in the NFL.

Mahomes is set to stay with the Chiefs for the next eight years after signing a massive 10-year, $450 million deal. Even though people thought it was too much money at the time, it now seems like a great deal for the Chiefs – especially as some quarterbacks cost even more than the 28 year old.

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