Offset will release a new album in February 2024 - NEWS

Offset will release a new album in February 2024

Offset’s new album, SET IT OFF, was recently released, which in my opinion is one of the best international projects released in 2023 and it seems that the rapper is already working on a new project.

TMZ Hip Hop recently caught up with Offset in Beverly Hills and the rapper said he will release another album in February 2024.

The album could be a sort of family project. In fact, Offset said that his eldest son Jordan has worked hard with him on the productions and could get a credit on his next project.

I will, I definitely will“Offset responded when asked if he had ever thought about featuring his children on an album or song. “I have something going on with my son, though. It’s not a song, though, but you’ll see it. The next album will be released in February. Exclusive, I just told you.”

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