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Has Patrick Mahomes already surpassed Joe Montana? Stunning comparison through first 6 seasons

The Kansas City Chiefs legends have both left an indelible mark on the franchise.

Patrick Mahomes has already cemented himself as one of the best quarterbacks the sport of football has ever seen. After his third Super Bowl triumph in February, many have begun to utter his name as arguably the greatest of all-time, with only Tom Brady standing in his way.

There’s still one other quarterback Mahomes must reach in terms of Super Bowl wins: Joe Montana. Montana won four Super Bowls with the San Francisco 49ers before being traded to the Kansas City Chiefs for his last couple of seasons.

LeBron James gives Patrick Mahomes rare compliment alongside Stephen Curry

Is Patrick Mahomes already at Joe Montana’s level?

Although Montana still has the edge in Super Bowls, Mahomes’ first six seasons as a starter are insane compared to Montana’s.

This should come with the caveat that Montana played in a different era of football. The running game had a much bigger emphasis, and wide receivers and tight ends weren’t as athletically gifted and impactful in the passing game as they are now.

Still, it’s incredible to see what Mahomes has accomplished to start his career on paper. It’s only a matter of time before Mahomes breaks most of Montana’s records, which says much more about the 28-year-old than the legendary Montana.

Montana is one of the greatest to ever do it, yet Mahomes is surpassing the best quarterbacks the game has ever seen with each passing season.

After another early playoff exit, the Dallas Cowboys are left contemplating what to make of quarterback Dak Prescott.The Dallas Cowboys will be watching the Super Bowl after being suffocated in the NFL playoffs, with the Jones family busy tossing out buzzwords and catchphrases as we move into the offseason.

Jerry is going with stuff like “all in” and “push the hell out of it.”

And Stephen? He’s working his way though words like “trust” and “doubt” … leading to questions about “comparisons” and “blame.”

So who is to blame? After the third straight playoff disappointment, Coach Mike McCarthy did not lose his job to the surprise of many. Former defensive coordinator Dan Quinn did not find his coaching stock tanked as he is the new Washington Commanders coach.

And Dak Prescott remains the hub of the wheel.


And that’s where Stephen is placing some of the … “focus.”

“There’s no way (fans are) going to explicitly trust you until you get it done,” Jones said. “Would someone trust Tom Brady and the Patriots that they’re going to get it done? Yeah. … Does someone trust (Patrick) Mahomes and Kansas City that they’re going to do it? Why? Because they do it six years in a row; they’re in the championship game.

“Until we compete at that level and we get the job done, then there’s going to be doubt. And rightfully so.”

Stephen said “we,” and that is the accurate word here. But …

Prescott’s 2-5 record in the postseason certainly isn’t good enough for the Cowboys, who are desperately looking to end their NFC Championship drought at the least. Not to mention that Prescott’s current cap hit for the upcoming season is set to be just under a handicapping $60 million.

The Cowboys are left to debate whether they should give their franchise quarterback a second contract extension or pull some financial levers to reduce his cap hit and essentially make him a lame-duck in 2024.

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“We’ll go as far as Dak takes us,” said Stephen’s father, Jerry Jones, on Tuesday.

Are these meant to be digs at Dak? A blame game with Prescott as the scapegoat? No and no. But despite a regular season in which Prescott was named a finalist for the league’s MVP award, his lack of postseason success has muddied Dallas’ future … leaving the Jones to ponder the work of the likes of Brady and Mahomes while Cowboys Nation gets set to watch The Big Game on TV.

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