Selena Gomez has finally clearly expressed her stance in this stressful drama. - NEWS

Selena Gomez has finally clearly expressed her stance in this stressful drama.

In the battle between Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber and Scooter Braun, Selena Gomez completely sided with her best friend’s team. The Hollywood newspaper exclusively learned that Selena has always admired Taylor because the 30-year-old singer always knows how to fight for what she wants.

Specifically, a reliable source close to Selena Gomez shared exclusively with Hollywoodlife news site: “Taylor’s determination to reclaim her product has become a big motivation for Selena Gomez.

After learning that Taylor denounced Scooter Braun because he planned to get rid of all her albums elsewhere, Selena extremely supported Taylor’s move. The 26-year-old female singer will use it as an example and motivation to fight her mental illness.”

The insider further revealed: “Taylor is always standing behind, ready to support Selena. Therefore, the least Selena can do for Taylor in this tense drama is to stand by her side.

The “Same old love” singer deeply appreciates this friendship and will do everything to protect it at all costs. She will be by Taylor’s side no matter what. What Selena wants now is for Taylor to know how important she is to her.”

“Selena feels very sad because Taylor no longer has the opportunity to own her musical works. Besides, Selena is always learning from Taylor every day. This challenge also helps Selena learn many things from Taylor Swift’s reaction and strength”.


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