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Titanic’s Echo: Delving into the Ongoing Tale of the Unsung Shipwreck

This is a pretty accurate  painting of the wreckageโ€ฆ

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The bow is buried over 50 feet in the ground. Itโ€™s been that way for decades, and is impossible to remove with the current technology we have today.

This is the mapped image of the wreckage. Do you know how dark it is down there? Show me at least one picture of the wreckage in full. You canโ€™t. It doesnโ€™t exist. Just  paintings. Itโ€™s literally pitch black down there, and we can only bring so much light.

Generally when researchers visit the wreckage, they only look at the wreckage by small sections because we donโ€™t have much light.

This is one of the latest photos taken of the wreckage. Look at it. If we even lifted it 1 foot off the ground, it would completely fall apart. The wreckage is actually in pretty good shape, considering itโ€™s been in the same spot underwater for over 108 yearsโ€ฆ

This is the  painting of the wreckage of the stern. Yes, it is completely destroyed and raising it would only be possibly by small pieces that would take decades. As the stern sank, it was still full of air, so this caused it to spiral down rapidly to the ocean floor. Unlike the bow, the stern traveled OVER 30 MPH down to its now resting place.

Crazy propositions scientists came up with to raise the Titanic:

The image below will show you the diesel fuel worked, but it took over 100 scientists to organize this, and yes, it failedโ€ฆ

This is the biggest piece of the Titanic we were ever able to lift. This piece is less than 1% of what the entire wreckage is. It weighed over 15 tons.

This picture was taken shortly before the cables snapped, and this piece sank back into the ocean. So many man hours were wasted trying to bring this piece to the surface. But at the end, it was a failed mission. This caused such a public outcry of people saying the wreckage should be left alone as it is a gravesite. No further tests were made to attempt to raise the wreck. Everyone has accepted that the wreck should remain there forever.

Now just imagine trying to lift the wreckage. Itโ€™s 100% impossible today. If that small piece breaks off due to sheer weight and so many hours and money wasted on it, just imagine how long it would take to lift the whole ship. Itโ€™s just not possible.

Besides, the wreckage is a gravesite. People died in the wreckageโ€™s debris field and inside the wreckage. It is believed that preserved bodies are buried underneath the wreckage. Lifting the wreckage has been an idea for so long, ranging from using ping pong balls to magnets. But itโ€™s still a gravesite.

If we magically lifted the wreckage, it would cause such a public outcry because many people today have relatives that died in the wreckage. They would not be happy if they heard you robbed the wreckage for the world to see.

This image alone sparked such an outcry. Like I said before, this small piece broke off because of weight. It fell back into the ocean, back to its resting place. It hasnโ€™t been touched ever since.

We have no choice but to study the wreckage for another 92 years, because by then, the wreckage will be nothing but a rust stain in the mud.


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