Travis Kelce affectionately observes the poster of his girlfriend Taylor Swift on Gillette Stadium's Wall of Fame - NEWS

Travis Kelce affectionately observes the poster of his girlfriend Taylor Swift on Gillette Stadium’s Wall of Fame

Travis Kelce, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, is enormous, but when he arrived at Gillette Stadium, he was welcomed by a photo of his fiancee that was roughly the same size.

It was captured on surveillance footage that Kelce entered the tunnels of Foxborough Stadium and then proceeded to the field to begin his warmups.

In the course of his walk, he passed a poster of his girlfriend, who is a pop sensation, that was shown during one of her many stadium events in the past.

Prior to moving on and taking in the other posters that were displayed on the wall, Kelce gave the impression that he glanced up at the photograph of his new girlfriend.

Kelce is now competing in Gillette Stadium, which is the home of the New England Patriots, for the sixth time in his professional wrestling career.

Travis Kelce looks up at a photo of Taylor Swift in the tunnels of Gillette Stadium

Kelce is looking to win the third game of his career at Gillette Stadium over the Patriots

A Chiefs cap was worn by his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, as she arrived at the stadium before the game.

Both of his previous encounters with the Patriots had taken place at Foxborough, and he had split them.

In light of the fact that New England now holds the second-worst record in the National Football League, Kelce ought to be able to bring his total to three victories this afternoon.

Swift has already given thirteen performances in the stadium, and her career there has been far more successful than it has been elsewhere.

Back in 2010, when she made a visit in Gillette as part of her ‘Fearless’ Tour, she made history by becoming the first female to headline a show in that city.

It was seen that Swift arrived at the venue right before the start time while wearing a Chiefs cap.

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