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Travis Kelce Is a Super Supportive Boyfriend and Brother

We demand [Taylor and Travis] get married already and start a reality show…

It doesn’t look like Travis Kelce will be joining Taylor Swift in Singapore for her Eras Tour concerts.

Being in a long-distance relationship is undoubtedly challenging for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, but I would argue that it also takes a toll on their fans.

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Do you recall the celebrity rumors about Travis spending time with Taylor in Australia last month and attending one of her concerts, only to leave her side to fly to a Las Vegas club and hang out with his teammates?

Watching that entire scene play out was difficult for the fans, to be sure. However, he seems to be making a comeback in our hearts as of late.

This weekend, Kelce made celebrity news by getting into some more wholesome activities.

The Kansas City Chiefs star was spotted flying solo and getting a new haircut in Philly, where his brother Jason Kelce lives with his family.

Travis’ new haircut has also sparked a debate among fans about whether he looks better clean-shaven or with a beard. Some argue that his face is too perfect to be hidden behind facial hair, while others prefer the rugged look that the beard gives him. I am personally of the opinion that it should be a sin to hide that beautiful face under a full beard. #MustacheTravisForever

Travis wasn’t just getting a haircut, though. It looks like he not only took time to spend with his family, but they also did some community volunteer work with the Brookline Volunteer Fire Company in Pennsylvania.

As precious as this is, the reality is we don’t want to see Travis doing anything without Taylor. Instead, we envision him at the zoo, holding hands with Taylor and pointing at majestic elephants. We expect him to stand in the box covered in friendship bracelets at all her concerts. Frankly, we demand they get married already and start a reality show.

All jokes aside, it is adorable to see him out and about with his family, giving back to his brother’s community now that they don’t have NFL games every week. But I swear, if this man isn’t singing along to Love Story at her Paris concerts in May, he’s getting John Mayer’d.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll end up eating my words, and he’ll surprise her at one of her final performances in Singapore. After all, he has five whole days to make it happen!

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