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Unexpected Inspirations: The Surprising Celebrities Who Capture Cardi B’s Heart!

Cardi B has risen to become one of the biggest stars in hip hop and pop music over the past few years. From her breakout hit “Bodak Yellow” in 2017 to hits like “WAP” and “Up,” Cardi B has proven herself as an incredibly talented rapper and performer. However, Cardi B’s success did not happen overnight – she was inspired and influenced by many iconic artists who came before her. Through hard work and drawing inspiration from her idols, Cardi B has created her own legacy in music. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the most prominent artists who Cardi B has cited as inspirations in her career.

Beyoncé: The Ultimate Idol
One of Cardi B’s biggest and most vocal influences is Beyoncé. In many interviews, Cardi B has referred to Beyoncé as her “idol” and someone who inspires her to constantly improve and work harder. Cardi B grew up listening to Beyoncé’s music and watching her performances, which clearly left a big impression. She has said that Beyoncé’s talent, work ethic, and artistic vision are unmatched. “When it comes to female rappers, she’s like the Michael Jackson of our generation,” Cardi B said of Beyoncé in a 2017 interview with Fader.

Beyond just her music, Cardi B admires the business savvy and perfectionism that Beyoncé brings to her career. She wants to follow in Beyoncé’s footsteps of taking full control over her art and brand. Cardi B strives to reach Beyoncé’s level of success through maintaining a strong work ethic and dedication to her craft, just as her idol has done. The influence of Beyoncé is evident in Cardi B’s polished performances, catchy songs, and her desire to keep expanding creatively. While Cardi B has certainly carved out her own unique style, Beyoncé was an early inspiration who showed her what is possible as a female artist.

Lil’ Kim: Paving the Way for Female Rappers
Another major influence on Cardi B’s rapping style and persona is Lil’ Kim. As one of the first female rappers to gain widespread popularity, Lil’ Kim blazed a trail that Cardi B is proud to walk. In the male-dominated world of hip hop in the 1990s, Lil’ Kim brought a bold, sexually liberated femininity that was ahead of her time. She exuded confidence and charisma in her music and visuals.

Cardi B has said she appreciates how Lil’ Kim “made it okay to be a female rapper and be sexy.” She took inspiration from Lil’ Kim’s unapologetic embrace of her sexuality and personas. This influence is clear in Cardi B’s own unabashed lyrics that celebrate female sexuality and empowerment. Lil’ Kim showed Cardi B that female rappers could own their sexuality and use it as a strength rather than something to hide. She helped pave the way for artists like Cardi B to feel comfortable embracing all aspects of themselves without conforming to outdated ideals of femininity. Cardi B continues Lil’ Kim’s legacy of female rap icons who stay true to themselves.

Selena: An Early Musical Inspiration
While best known as a Tejano and pop star today, Selena also served as an early musical inspiration for Cardi B growing up. Though their styles are quite different, Cardi B has expressed how Selena’s music “made me feel like I wasn’t alone” during her childhood. She found comfort and kinship in Selena’s songs even at a young age. This speaks to Selena’s broad appeal and ability to bring diverse audiences together through her talent and passion for music.

Beyond just admiring her songs, Cardi B sees Selena as an iconic artist who blazed a trail as a Latina woman in the male-dominated worlds of Tejano and pop music. Selena’s success in the 1990s inspired young Latinas like Cardi B to pursue their dreams in entertainment industries that lacked representation at the time. She proved that an artist could honor their Latin heritage while achieving mainstream success. This likely resonated with Cardi B as she strived to find her place within hip hop culture as a bilingual Latina woman. Selena’s memory continues to inspire new generations of artists to follow their hearts and passions.

Judy Garland: Finding Strength in Vulnerability

One inspiration that may come as a surprise to some is Cardi B listing Judy Garland as an influence. However, upon further reflection, it makes sense. While from different eras and genres, both Cardi B and Garland know what it’s like to experience struggles in the spotlight. Garland famously battled addiction, health issues, and the pressures of studio expectations throughout her career. Yet she continually managed to transform her personal pain into art that touched millions of fans through classic films and songs.

Cardi B admires Garland’s inner strength and ability to turn adversity into creative fuel. She sees Garland as someone who reinvented herself time and time again to survive in “this harsh industry.” Both women have been open about dealing with mental health issues as well. By overcoming obstacles and using her voice, Garland inspired Cardi B to stay true to herself and harness personal experiences to create authentic works. It’s a testament to Garland’s enduring legacy that her vulnerability still resonates across genres with new generations of artists today.

RuPaul: A Genius Trailblazer

As a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race, Cardi B has had the opportunity to witness RuPaul’s comedic wit and larger-than-life persona up close. However, her admiration goes far deeper than just enjoying the show. Cardi B recognizes RuPaul as a true pioneer who changed culture and paved the way for LGBTQ artists to find mainstream platforms. RuPaul proved that drag could be elevated from underground performances to a mainstream television phenomenon. Through his charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent, RuPaul created opportunities that didn’t exist before.

Cardi B sees RuPaul as nothing short of a “genius” for how he has expanded drag and LGBTQ visibility through his brand. She appreciates RuPaul’s savvy business moves and ability to stay culturally relevant for decades. Most of all, Cardi B admires RuPaul for uplifting other artists and using his platform to empower those in his community. RuPaul inspires Cardi B to keep expanding her own creative horizons and paying it forward to new generations of performers. His trailblazing career serves as an example of how artists can use their voices to enact real change over the long run.

Inspired to New Heights
Through the diverse talents of Beyoncé, Lil’ Kim, Selena, Judy Garland, and RuPaul, Cardi B received guidance and motivation that have served her well. While each artist hails from different eras and genres, they all share a passion, dedication and resilience that Cardi B draws from. Their examples have pushed Cardi B to constantly challenge herself, embrace her identity fully and blaze her own path to new levels of success in hip hop and pop culture. Through hard work and drawing inspiration from trailblazers before her, Cardi B has cemented herself as one of today’s leading female artists. The cycle of inspiration continues as Cardi B’s influence now motivates yet new generations of creators.

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