Unleashing Emotional Tempests: Selena Gomez's Songwriting Journey and Candid Confessions About Her Past Love with Justin Bieber - NEWS

Unleashing Emotional Tempests: Selena Gomez’s Songwriting Journey and Candid Confessions About Her Past Love with Justin Bieber

Releasing a new song with many misleading lyrics, Selena Gomez frankly shares her desires with her ex.

On October 22, after a long period of freezing activities, “Disney princess” Selena Gomez returned to the music arena with the product “Lose You To Love Me”. The song is about a girl’s feelings after a broken love, she wants to forget everything to love herself. Fans think that this song is the words Selena wants to send to her ex-lover Justin Bieber – who got married not long ago.

In a recent interview with The Zach Sang show, when the MC asked Selena if she wanted the “character” mentioned to listen to this song, the female singer honestly answered: “Yes, I want to.” She also shared her feelings when being scrutinized by some viewers and questioned: “I’m used to the curious eyes of the public. It would kill me if I was afraid of being judged by others.” . I allow myself not to pay attention to those words.” Selena’s series of shares couldn’t help but stir up fans.

“Lose You To Love Me” talks about a girl’s hurt and painful heart after breaking up with her lover.

The beautiful lady caused a fever with her gentle and beautiful appearance in the new MV. Besides, the song “Look at her now” in this album is also said to refer to Justin Bieber and his newlywed wife.

The message that Selena wants to send to the audience through the song “Lose You To Love Me” is to forget those who have hurt you and love yourself. The “Disney Princess” also revealed that she is ready for a new love affair after a long period of being alone.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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